How is the product installed?

Product installation and removal are the client's responsibility.
After you place your order, we will provide installation instructions in video form along with your product.
We recommend outsourcing service experts of subcontractors such as car rapping and picture framers for installation.

What print sizes are available?

Ninjenique is usually printed on 1-meter-wide rolls.
We recommend a 3-meter x 6-meter design as it is the ideal size to fit people completely in the image when photographed which has greater impact.
For information on other sizes, please contact us.

What is the suggested camera position for photography?

For a standard format (3 m x 6 m) design, position the camera 2.4 meters from Ninjenique.
The larger your Ninjenique installation, the greater the camera distance we recommend.
For customized orders, we can flexibly design the wanted camera position according to your request.

What kinds of surfaces can Ninjenique be applied to?

It is intended for smooth floors, but it can also be applied to other smooth surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

Can it be used outdoors?

Our current product is intended for indoor use only.

Are there any restrictions on logo and text placement?

For standard orders, please provide the data in Illustrator or Photoshop format.
For customized orders, no restrictions exist regarding logo or text placement. Contact us for details.

Are rental or lease arrangements available?

We do not currently offer rental or lease options.
Our product cannot be reused after its installation although it can be removed easily.

Is it possible to get the product in data format?

We do not currently offer our products in data format, as we would like to guarantee the quality of the film sheet itself besides the quality of our 3D graphic designs.

What are the maintenance requirements for the installation surface?

General cleaning is sufficient.
For better and longer lasting protection from dirt, we suggest waxing with floor wax over the sheet, although this is not a requirement.

What are the product characteristics?

NINJENIQUE’s material / film sheet is often used in subway stations in Japan, that means the material is anti-slip, with extreme durability.
It can be removed without damaging the surface.